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On-demand web sales training video featuring Ryan Dohrn

Your entire sales team can watch and learn as often as you want for 12 months

Training geared to Beginners and Sales Pros alike

Real-life examples and tips to become more productive sales people in the publication industry

$149* total cost for your entire sales team

No add-ons or upsells:
This all-in pricing covers industry-focused training for everyone on your staff

Special bonus if you sign up prior to Feb. 28, 2019

Receive a FREE 30-minute personal phone call with Ryan Dohrn to strategize about your business needs

Print industry expert Ryan Dohrn leads IFPA’s Training Academy with tactical sales training specifically for our industry. No fluff. Just results.

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* IFPA member price. For non-IFPA member publications, price is $399 with a $250 rebate if you join IFPA within 45 days of signing up for the IFPA Training Academy.


Training Topics


This workshop, sponsored by Fake Brains, is all about new business development. Learn proven and tested sales strategies to secure more meetings with the right people so you grow your bottom line NOW! Pump up your sales calls/meeting numbers by 25-35% in the next 30 days! Prospecting in today’s anti-traditional media environment is tough! Ryan will show you how to prospect and engage clients with data from LinkedIN, Facebook and some Google secrets too. Then he will share the exact prospecting templates he uses in his emails and voicemails to grab the clients’ attention and convert them into a meeting. Ryan Dohrn has trained over 6,000 ad salespeople and he still sells media every day too. He will bring tools, tips, and tactics you can put into action right away!


Objection handling is a skill that all salespeople need to master. Ryan will highlight the six most common objections media salespeople face on a daily basis and show you how to flip those objections into closed deals with ease and style. Because Ryan sells media every day, these objections and scenarios are timely, relevant, and practical. Ryan will dig deep into objections like, “I’m moving all my advertising to social media.” And, “I am not seeing ROI from print.” And, “Why don’t you just write an article about my company?” This interactive workshop is designed to give sales reps at all levels the skills they need to walk into any conversation with an advertiser with confidence. With 25 years’ experience in the media sales business, Ryan has heard it all. And because he still sells media today, his responses will be relevant, timely and right on the mark!


So You Booked a Meeting… Now What? Ryan will share his brand new, six-step sales call process that’s focused on closing business – on the first call! Learn the strategies to help you secure business when you have the client’s attention right now. See why your media kit might be killing deals. Get an up-close look at the psychology behind advertisers’ decisions. This workshop is critical if you want to close more deals, or not get caught in the endless loop of chasing clients once they have agreed to a proposal. Reduce risk, increase sales, and save time in the total sales process.


Tired of being compared to your competition? Tired of selling against some other media that offers rock-bottom rates? And what about those competitors that are downright lying? Well… let me ask you this… What is your “D” factor? What is the one thing that makes you DIFFERENT from every other ad sales rep that will call on that advertiser today? For most ad salespeople, the sales process is all about the media they are selling. But what if YOU are the real reason people buy – or don’t buy? What if your approach has been wrong all these years? Ryan will help you identify your own “D” factor so you can go out and use it to your advantage today!


What do you say, and how do you pitch your digital product offerings to a dazed and confused advertiser? Learn to explain the main “pieces” of your digital offerings in a way that will get advertisers excited. Learn the questions to ask to determine their real media goals, and create on-the-spot solutions tailored to their needs. This is a jam-packed workshop that will help you tell a compelling digital story in no time, every time.


Email is a part of our everyday sales life. But, what do we do to cut through the clutter and stand out from all the other emails an advertiser will receive? Experts tell us that over 50% of people open emails 100% based on the subject line alone. 25-year media sales expert Ryan Dohrn shares the top 20 subject lines that have been tested by your fellow media sales warrior. These subject lines are proven to get you a 25% better chance of getting your email opened! This is a workshop filled with ideas that you can put into action right away!