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On-demand web sales training video featuring Ryan Dohrn

Your entire sales team can watch and learn as often as you want for 12 months

Training geared to Beginners and Sales Pros alike

Real-life examples and tips to become more productive sales people in the publication industry

$149* total cost for your entire sales team

No add-ons or upsells:
This all-in pricing covers industry-focused training for everyone on your staff

Special bonus if you sign up prior to Feb. 28, 2018

Receive a FREE 30-minute personal phone call with Ryan Dohrn to strategize about your business needs

Print industry expert Ryan Dohrn leads IFPA’s Training Academy with tactical sales training specifically for our industry. No fluff. Just results.

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* IFPA member price. For non-IFPA member publications, price is $399 with a $250 rebate if you join IFPA within 45 days of signing up for the IFPA Training Academy.


Training Topics


This is one of Ryan’s most popular workshops! From creating call zones, to time saving email templates, to making better use of your CRM tools – learn expert and well-tested tips to reclaim eight hours every week and win more business faster. Ryan will share his top 10 time management tools that will help you boost your personal productivity by 35% in just one week!!


Learn the top 10 reasons an advertiser should start advertising right now in this innovative training session sponsored by Fake Brains media software company. This workshop is focused on handling client objections and creating compelling arguments. Most sales people suffer from a lack of preparation and consequently miss out on the chance to convert a ‘NO’ to a ‘YES’ with simple and effective data points, statistics, and success stories. Ryan will dig deep into the 10 reasons why a client needs to get on board – right now!


25 year media sales/marketing veteran, Ryan Dohrn, has been party to millions of dollars in digital revenue sales. In this workshop, he will share his six best tips for selling advertising on your media brand’s website. Ryan will focus on understanding proper digital promotion strategies. He will dig deep into why digital should be “part” of the marketing plan, not the entire marketing plan. He will explore how to understand digital packages, and how print and digital complement each other to drive ROI.

Ryan will show you why social media is not a cheap form of marketing any more. He will explain why you need to adopt a print-plus mentality in your media company. See first-hand why sponsored content offerings are only as good as the audience you can drive to the content. Learn why all business owners, including agencies, should re-think re-targeting.  And, there is much, much more. If you are looking for new ways to sell web and digital, this is a workshop you will love!


Selling via email has become part of our daily sales lives. While we would all prefer face-to-face selling, like it or not, email is how business is now done every day. Sales expert Ryan Dohrn will share 10 sales email tips to increase opens, reads and replies. From prospecting, to re-engaging silent clients, to increasing internal communications, this is tactical and practical advice you can use in your sales life, or in your sales team, right away. Ryan will share tested and proven email techniques like subject lines, email structure, and wording, to drive an emotional response. Come ready to learn, grow, and then go to your in-box with new sales strategies for success.


How to sell more to frazzled advertisers, sponsored by Ultimate Print Source, which helps publications add revenue through turnkey programs. Learn tips on how to reduce risk to the client, how to prospect with ease, how to help new clients through the ad creation process. Learn ways to educate your clients before they buy and what to say to get them 100% on board. Ryan has worked with over 3,000 ad sales people. He has narrowed down the habits of the sales super stars he has met. You will want to replicate these habits today! Plus, learn why randomness kills your day and your sales goals.


We all know we need to ask questions to understand our client’s goals, but what are the best questions to ask? This seminar is sponsored by Ultimate Print Source, which helps publications add revenue through turnkey programs, and deals with questions we all face in the sales process. What questions make clients mad? What questions do Millennials hate? What questions are over-used and a waste of the clients’ time?  Ryan will break down the 10 critical questions and explain the purpose behind each one in vivid detail. Then you will have the opportunity to share your best questions for us all to discuss as a group. This is a mission-critical workshop for sales reps – even those that have been selling for years.